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Who we are


SUREFRANK means dependable, Reliable and Trustworthy. It stands to describe something and someone who can be trusted to fulfill a promise and deliver a service without fail. Surefrank is a Venture from Taurus Group which has a rich history of four decades in providing Infrastructure Business Solutions.  We provide Real Estate, Project Management, Commercial and Residential Property Management, Facility, and Commercial Brokerage Services for private investors, institutions, corporations, not-for-profits, homeowner associations, and cooperatives. Industry veterans recently launched SUREFRANK with more than the two-decade experience of everyone.  We are proud of our expertise and will provide the right direction to our clients in all their deals, irrespective of any vertical we are dealing.  SUREFRANK’s integrated, team-based approach facilitates effective, responsive communication, and our proactive approach to management ensures that your property's operational and financial performance is always our highest priority. Our Group companies website: Taurusinspro & Taurusgroups

SUREFRANK is recognized by the Confederation of Real Estate Associates (CREAI), The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Associations of India (CREDAI). This designation recognizes excellence in Real Estate Management firms and results from achieving the highest levels of performance, experience, and financial stability in our industry.  We value the continuing education of our team and strive to provide opportunities for our staff to grow and improve every day as evidenced by the many designations our staff holds, including:



At SUREFRANK our recipe is quite simple.  We take care of our customers.  We bring a positive attitude and energy to everything we do.  By working harder and more intelligent, we always get the job done.  And, through teamwork and collaboration, we have what it takes to be unstoppable!

 Be customer

Bring positive energy and attitude to everything you do.

Work hard, work smart, and always get the job done

Be a team player stepping in to help whenever needed.


To turn our client’s real estate goals into reality.


To simplify the complexity – We are the aspirin to your real estate headaches.


Our Services

SUREFRANK is a full-service real estate organization that provides a customized menu of high-quality services tailored to your specific needs and to maximize the profitability and potential of your asset. Our success in attaining these goals and our well-regarded reputation has enabled us to forge relationships and partnerships with clients across India.

Our ability to develop and execute customized strategic solutions supporting our clients’ unique goals and assets further exemplifies our commitment to creating enduring, successful partnerships.

SUREFRANK offers many different services, including:

Residential and Commercial Property Management
SUREFRANK provides various Residential Property Management services customized to meet our client’s unique needs. Our integrated team-based approach facilitates effective and timely communication between all parties, from tenants to property managers, vendors to facility technicians, and accountants to our most crucial point of contact – our clients.
Association/Cooperative Management
SUREFRANK provides a wide range of Cooperative, Condominium, and Home Owner’s Association management services, from essential accounting functions to facilitating scheduled association meetings to providing cost-effective maintenance solutions and vendor management.
Accounting Services
SUREFRANK provides various accounting services supporting our client’s varying real estate investment needs. Our accounting department is led by SUREFRANK’s CFO, a Certified Public Accountant with 20 years of accounting experience. Our team includes staff accountants, accounts payable, and accounts receivable representatives.
Commercial Brokerage
SUREFRANK is one of the Midwest's fastest growing and most respected commercial real estate brokerage firms. Our talented and experienced brokerage team provides various services, from commercial leasing to investment acquisitions to asset marketing and sales. Exceptional teamwork and unparalleled owner reporting and communication are the foundation of all SUREFRANK services, and our Commercial Brokerage is undoubtedly no exception. Our industry is incredibly competitive, and we continually strive to exceed our client’s expectations.
Facility Maintenance
SUREFRANK provides customized maintenance solutions for each client and asset, from Facility Technicians performing general and preventative maintenance at your commercial property, residential property, or association to oversight of third-party vendor and cleaning services.

Our Pledge To You

When you hire SUREFRANK, you are hiring the best.  We are passionate about real estate and care about your bottom line.  We will do everything possible to live our core values and help you realize your real estate goals.


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CEO Founder
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Goal-Based Management of Institutional Portfolios


Our Services Are

  • Based on your personal needs and circumstances
  • Focused and disciplined with an emphasis on trust, integrity, expertise, and service
  • Designed to mitigate the amount of loss sustained during a market decline while optimizing overall investment returns
  • Based on unbiased, professional experience